PCEO Express Application


How To Get your Discord unique ID number required for the application:
1)  Join the Peaceful CEO Discord Server:
2)  Type:   !userid   in the #unverified-general channel.
3)  Copy the big number the bot gives you that looks like this:  999999999999999999
and paste it into the Discord unique ID box on the application below.

Once you are on the Discord server, also set your Nickname to match  your XBOX gamertag.


Your Social Club profile and Gamertag visibility must be set to “Everyone”.   There is a video below that shows you how to do this correctly, please watch it carefully.   If you have never joined a crew before then you might not have a social club account yet.   You can create one by joining any other open crew first, then you can come back to apply when you have a social club account.  Also please be sure you know how to “Vote-To-Kick” (VTK) before applying.   Questions about applying can be sent to the “contact us” link at the bottom of this page.

How To Change Social Club Visibility

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