Register to Join PCEO

XBOX One and Series X|S

We look forward to playing with you!  We understand some of this is technical.  If you need ANY help, please join our Discord server first (link is below) and ask for help. Applications will be processed as time allows, so please note that it may take a day or so to process yours.  If you have questions, you may use the #applicants channel on discord.   Errors you make on your application could cause delays and possible rejections, so be sure to carefully read the rules and information below.  Thanks for your patience!  

There are three steps to join:

1) Be sure your Rockstar Social Club account is set up correctly. 2) Get on our Discord (that is where we all chat) to get your UNIQUE ID for the application form. 3) Complete the application and wait for approval. These steps are explained in more detail below, along with the application form.  If you have any questions please ask in the #applicants channel on our Discord.  

Discord Nickname

Once you are on our Discord server, set your Discord Nickname to match your XBOX Gamertag. If you need help doing that, just let us know in the #applicants. You can type ?nickname in the lounge for a helpful screenshot.  

IMPORTANT:  Rockstar Social Club Settings

Your Rockstar Social Club profile and Xbox Gamertag visibility must be set to “Everyone”.   There is a video below that shows you how to do this correctly, please watch it carefully.   If you have any questions please use the #applicants channel on Discord. You can type ?privacy in the lounge for a helpful screenshot with more details. How To Change Rockstar Social Club Settings

PCEO has been an XBOX  crew for 3+ years. If you are on PC or Playstation, go to reddit /r/gtaonline for other crews.


Joining Discord is mandatory. Do not leave our discord server. 

If you have any questions about applying please ask in the #applicants channel.  

FIRST be sure to read our rules

You’ll need to answer 3 simple quiz questions below correctly for your application to be approved. You can view the rules here: RULES  

Before you begin, READ THIS:

100% of what you enter on this form must be correct. We maintain high standards and our current members expect that. They want to play with others who will be a positive addition to the crew. This has created an amazing family environment here where everyone helps each other out. PCEO membership is not granted to just anyone. It’s a selective process, and we all want to play with like-minded and mutually helpful players with a peaceful attitude. Reading the rules and detailed rules, and completing your application carefully and 100% accurately is the minimum requirement. If you’re confused about Rockstar social club settings, ask in the #applicants for help. Don’t just guess. Errors you make on the app could result in days waiting to get into the crew. Membership may also be revoked or applications rejected at the sole discretion of the Administrators.  



    The Gamertag you put on this application should match what you see IN GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE. So if you have a new one like CoolGamer#3456, it would display in GTA as CoolGamer3456. That is what you need to put on the application. Do not type a # below. Just type your full Gamertag including all numbers, but WITHOUT any #.


    How to find your Rockstar Social Club name? Just sign in on their website and you’ll see your name as shown below in the space circled in blue. If you have never joined a crew before then you might not have a social club account yet. You can create one by joining any other open crew first, in game, then you can come back to apply when you have a social club account. You can also do it through the rockstar social club website. If you have questions or need help with this, please ask in the #applicant-lounge on Discord.


    How to get your Unique ID number required for the application:
    1) Join the Peaceful CEO Discord Server:
    2) Type: ?userid in the #uniqueid-bot channel.
    3) Copy the big number the bot gives you that looks like this: 999999999999999999 and paste it into the UNIQUE ID box below. *Use ?userid EVERY time you apply; do not try to re-use the previous attempt.


    When you open up the multiple-choice options to select your answers below, on certain older devices the answers may be cut off.  If this happens, please click this link  [Can't See Choices]  to view all of the questions and choices, then put your answers below.

  • Please ENTER THEIR GAMERTAG if someone suggested you join us.
  • Explain in your own words why you would like to join PCEO
  • See above for instructions how to do this. There is also a video above to help with this.
  • Do not check this box until you have checked and double-checked your info.
  • IMPORTANT - Make sure all details are correct before submitting!!

    BEFORE YOU PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON MAKE SURE YOUR GAMERTAG IS SPELLED 100% CORRECTLY, AND FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN ABOVE, otherwise your application will be delayed for several days, if not permanently rejected. There's no excuse for mis-spelling your own gamertag or social club account.