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PCEO is a Grand Theft Auto crew, whose main purpose is to provide business friendly lobbies for players that want to go about their business, without the fear of being attacked by hostile players.

You can also find us:
On Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/pceo/

Read on for more information about how we achieve this.

Dedicated Defense

We have a skilled team of Defenders ready to protect you and your cargo, in the event that our lobbies are infiltrated by aggressive randoms. They achieve this by repeatedly attacking aggressors, and containing them in a small area of the map, until they are forced to leave.

Custom Lobbies

A number of our members are dedicated to creating custom public lobbies that have a much higher success rate in preventing random, non-crew members from joining.


PCEO has a Discord server, which allows our members to regularly, and immediately communicate with one another, via phone, tablet, or desktop, co-ordinating sales, actions against aggressors, heist teams, events and so on.

Event Hosting

As a part of our mission to make GTA a much more enjoyable game to play, we host regular events to take a break from the business grind. The events we have organised include: car meets; Hydra showdowns; MC activities; role-play; and many more.

Members-Only Area

As part our goal to improve the GTA experience for PCEO players, members that register via the website will gain access to exclusive content, guides and tutorials, including: data on Crates, MC work, and Import/Export; warehouse and business locations, and prices; tutorials on how to complete some of the more difficult missions; a comprehensive guide to completing the Criminal Mastermind challenge;
information on upcoming crew events; and much more.

What PCEO Looks Like

Member Guides

A Typical PCEO Lobby

Communication (via Discord app)

What our members say:

Wow, just wow. I was able to do missions to buy an office, do VIP work to pay for a warehouse and fill the warehouse twice while in a world with 25 other people. It’s the most enjoyable experience in gtao I’ve had in a long time.
​- Reddit user Exa1ted0ne

Ever since joining, I have had a great experience. Everyone is very supportive and cooperative. Not to mention i have been making a killing on I/E Collections from helpful crew members. Being an Associate/CEO has never so much fun, deff enjoying it thank you PCEO members!!!
– Reddit user itsjustallen69

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